Home Time for OTR Truck Drivers Is Important

OTR (over-the-road) drivers often spend weeks, if not months, out on the open road without going home. Top truck driving companies such as K&B Transportation provide incredible home time benefits for workers on their first day. K&B Transportation has an industry where home time is higher than average! They focus on 8 weeks out, which makes […]

Let Us Worry About the Diesel Prices, Join the K&B Team!

The economy fluctuates quite a bit in a year, but it has changed dramatically in the last three. Supply and demand chains change almost every month, different products are difficult for consumers to find, and prices of everyday items have soared. This market is challenging for everyone, but it is even more demanding on truck […]

What is Reefer Trucking, and What Sets It Apart from Other Kinds of Trucking?

what is reefer trucking

Each trucker finds a path and a calling when they are on the road. Refrigerated trucking requires more care and experience than regular trucking jobs. If you have the diligence, responsibility, intelligence, and integrity we count on for our drivers, we want you to be part of our team. Do you ever wonder what it […]

The Benefits of Truck Driving Jobs in Chicago

truck driving jobs in chicago

Being a truck driver comes with several enticing advantages. A truck driver, for example, gets to travel as part of their profession, while others have to schedule out time to travel.

Our Drivers Discuss Their K&B Trucking Experience

k&b truck driver experience

Who better to tell you about the K&B trucking experience than our seasoned truck drivers? We’ve interviewed multiple K&B drivers to help you see behind the wheel of day-to-day experiences. All the drivers included in this post have driven for K&B between 5 and 15 years. Overall, the drivers will discuss culture, communication, equipment, and […]

Join our team, refer a driver and earn big at K&B Transportation.

driver referral to k&b

As a leader in the trucking industry, we know how important it is to take care of our drivers. We offer multiple bonuses including our referral bonus program. The best recruiters, we know, are those who are out on the road like you. That’s why we’re counting on you to help us expand our fleet by suggesting excellent drivers at K&B.

Different Types of Trailers

refrigerated trailer kb

The trucking industry hauled 72.5% of all freight in the United States in 2019. While the truck is the engine, the trailer is the one that bears the weight. There are several different trailers available, and one will fit your needs better than another depending on your load or freight. In this article, we’ll discuss […]

The Benefits Being a K&B OTR Driver


While being a long hauler isn’t for everyone, there are major benefits to being an OTR driver. With K&B, you’ll have steady job security, amazing pay and benefits, and you get to travel and see America’s beautiful countryside.

Why Become an OTR Truck Driver for KB?


Why Become an OTR Truck Driver for KB? In 2019, around 2 million truck drivers worked as long-haul truck drivers, according to the BLS. Due to increasing industrial pressures, there is currently a lack of OTR truck drivers, and we need your help! If you have 6 months of experience and your Class-A CDL, join […]