What is Reefer Trucking, and What Sets It Apart from Other Kinds of Trucking?


Each trucker finds a path and a calling when they are on the road. Refrigerated trucking requires more care and experience than regular trucking jobs. If you have the diligence, responsibility, intelligence, and integrity we count on for our drivers, we want you to be part of our team.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to join the reefer trucking industry? Below, you can learn the basics, benefits, and anything else you need to know about reefer trucking.

What is Reefer Trucking?

Reefer trucking is short for refrigerated trucking. Perishable foods, blood supplies for the Red Cross, and other materials must ship across the United States, even in the middle of an August heat wave.

Reefer trucking must be efficient and dependable because millions of dollars, and maybe even lives, could be at stake if a trailer is late or loses refrigeration at a critical point.

What is a Reefer Trailer?

Refrigerated trucks contain an onboard air conditioning system with evaporator and condenser coils that keep the container cool based on the same principles of a home AC (shown below). Reefer trucks have an air chute that moves refrigerated air along the truck to prevent hot spots from forming.

What Do Reefer Truckers Do?

Reefer truckers have the same essential job as other truckers: to get their truck to its destination with its contents intact.

If you pull a refrigerated trailer, the job is more challenging. You must be certain that the reefer unit works throughout the trip and carefully maintain temperature control.

Each shipment might have different temperature requirements, so the driver checks the settings, confirms that the trailer has proper insulation, and checks the cargo for damage that could affect its ability to stay cool. 

Reefer truckers must ensure that the AC unit works properly, that the temperature in the trailer stays within limits, and that localized cooling failures, called hot spots, do not develop anywhere within the trailer.

K&B Transportation, Inc. – a Legacy of Quality Refrigerated Trucking

K&B Transportation, Inc. is an established company with shipping operations in the Midwest and nationally. With over 30 years of experience, we know how to support our drivers, keep our fleet moving, and create a can-do culture that allows our drivers to thrive. Our team collectively has over 79 million miles traveled and 140 thousand successful deliveries in over 40 states.

The Pros of Driving for a Refrigerated Trucking Company

Companies pay a premium for us to deliver perishable materials. Working for a refrigerated trucking company that specializes in refrigerated materials means having an employer who understands and values your work. It means being able to count on a well-maintained fleet, flexible hours, good working conditions, and meaningful work.

How Much Can I Earn as a Reefer Trucker?

K&B Transportation, Inc. offers competitive and customizable pay packages. We’re upfront with our pay scale, so you can see from the outset how our compensation compares to other transportation careers. You can easily earn in the high five figures or even a six-figure income with perks such as home weekends and attractive benefits.

kb reefer pay structure

Learn more about the awesome earning potential and career benefits at K&B.

Why You Should Drive a K&B Reefer Trailer

If you’re looking for a career that offers travel, variety, and purpose for a wage that gives you and your family a chance to prosper, apply to work for K&B Transportation, Inc. today. Call us at (402) 404-2925 to learn more about why you should drive a K&B reefer trailer.

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