The Holiday Season Keeps Reefers Busy. Start 2023 with Extra Cash!


After two holiday seasons defined by COVID-19 restrictions, the Thanksgiving travel rush was back this year, setting inflation concerns aside in favor of getting together with loved ones and resuming some normalcy. This year, reefers responsible for moving goods used to celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are more important than ever before! 

While traveling this holiday season, you may have noticed that a sizable percentage of the transport vehicles using the highways were reefers or refrigerated trucks. Compared to other types of freight, reefer freight is more in demand and rebounds more quickly from economic downturns. This is due to the fact that demand for food and beverages rarely decreases, regardless of any crisis that may affect the U.S. economy. Lucky for you, over the past three decades, K&B Transportation has become a leader in the delivery of perishable food goods.

The Future of Reefer Trucking

Overall, the pandemic has fundamentally altered the retail supply chain for perishable goods. Many retail businesses have shifted to home delivery services which in turn has increased demand for refrigerated trucks across the globe. The significant expansion of supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout rising nations also supports the rise of refrigerated transport as reported by

The reefer trucking industry is working hard to stock both fresh and speciality products on the shelves in response to the increase in demand for perishable goods. As a result, MarketsandMarkets has reported growth in the market for refrigerated transportation. The refrigerated transport industry is expected to grow in size from its current estimated value of $113.4 billion in 2022 to $160.7 billion in 2027, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.2 percent. This information was revealed in the research organization’s most recent research study on the market.

Earn Extra Cash During the Holidays!

Most importantly, there will always be a demand for temperature-controlled goods but the need for reefer truckers is greater during the holidays. K&B needs your help to deliver these perishable goods across America. 

If you’re looking for great pay, you’ve come to the right company! K&B Transportation offers competitive and customizable pay packages. We’re upfront with our pay scale, so you can see from the beginning how our compensation compares to other transportation careers. You can easily earn in the high five figures or even a six-figure income with perks such as home weekends and attractive benefits.

Currently, our pay scale is based on time with K&B Transportation. Meaning the longer you stay, the more opportunity to grow your paycheck.

pay scale for otr jobs at kb transport

Or, start at 70 CPM and $1,750 guaranteed per week with our Road Warrior Pay Package!

Apply now to work for the K&B Transportation team if you’re looking for a career that offers travel, variety, and purpose for a salary that gives you and your family an opportunity to flourish. To find out more about why you need to operate a K&B reefer trailer, contact us at 800-851-8651start

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