High Mileage Great Pay


Our OTR fleet is perfect for the individual who wants high mileage along with great pay. When you choose this fleet, you join the ranks of the very best OTR drivers on the road. Choose between traveling to both coasts or staying within the greater Midwest. Both fleets enjoy high mileage adding up to a larger paycheck at the end of the week.

Midwest OTR Jobs

Perfect for anyone looking for an OTR job while staying in the Central U.S. Our Midwest fleet serves the greater Midwest area and typically travel between Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Texas. 

National OTR Jobs

For the individual who’s not afraid to explore the road. Drivers in this position run primarily in the Midwest, but occasionally may receive longer runs to the East or West coast.

Road Warrior Jobs

Love getting paid well for being out on the road? K&B is now offering a starting pay of 70 CPM for drivers wanting to stay out 2 months at a time with 10 days at home, with the same 2500 mile weekly guarantee.

Nothing But The Best

When it comes to equipment and technology, we spare no expense in investing in the best. This ensures that you’re rolling in state-of-the-art equipment with the latest technological  advancements.


Starting at 60 CPM or 70 CPM depending on your home time needs.

State of the art equipment including new tractors and trailers

Flexible home time with a commitment to getting home on time