Home Time for OTR Truck Drivers Is Important


OTR (over-the-road) drivers often spend weeks, if not months, out on the open road without going home. Top truck driving companies such as K&B Transportation provide incredible home time benefits for workers on their first day. K&B Transportation has an industry where home time is higher than average! They focus on 8 weeks out, which makes planning for home time much simpler. With our traditional OTR or dedicated routes, drivers can expect home time as often as every weekend.

OTR Drivers and Home Time

Earning over a week of home time may feel like a lot, but the days can pass quickly. Get the most out of your experience by planning out your time efficiently. Depending on your job at K&B, most long haul OTR drivers will be out for weeks before they have the chance to go home; however, some drivers prefer this. OTR professionals find a rhythm during their work week and often consider the travel a nice routine. 

Home time at K&B Transportation for OTR truck drivers mainly depends on the job and which route you are responsible for driving. Learn more about what our drivers think and the different options you have with K&B below.

Finding the Right Company and Truck Driving Job for Home Time
- K&B Transportation Benefits

K&B Transportation is a leader in the OTR industry. Our Road Warrior Drivers enjoy a ten-day home time break for every two months they are away. We even provide flights back home or wherever you want to go when drivers complete their routes in different states.

K&B ensures that you get your FULL home time. Every time. Our Road Warriors also receive a $1,000 bonus while on your home time so that you have a paycheck coming in while you’re not on the road.

In the video above, a Road Warrior K&B driver explains how he is going to use his upcoming home time. He says, “On this variation of home time, I’m actually planning on going to Hawaii. I’m going to go to Hilo and try to go to the Big Island…I love traveling. On home times, I’d usually rather just be home. This is the first time that I’ve driven, and then decided to just go to like a different state or go anywhere besides home. Keep reading to learn about our tradional OTR option with home time as often as every two weeks.

Apply Now for Our Truck Driver OTR Jobs

Are you tired of searching for a company that values home time for OTR truck drivers? Apply to K&B Transportation to be part of one of the best home time trucking companies. Recruitment is currently available in every state for different routes.

K&B Transportation is offering several OTR opportunities. We open these truck driver jobs to all workers who have completed CDL training and demonstrate a passion for the road.

Now, you only need 1 year of experience to start as an OTR driver for K&B Transportation! We have two pay options depending on your home-time needs.

Traditional OTR Driver: Option 1

Start at 60 CPM and receive 1 CPM increases every six months, a year, two years, and four years. Although drivers are guaranteed a minimum of $1,500 per week, and can earn $1,800+ on top weeks! Our senior drivers are guaranteed $1,600 per week minimum. With our top miles, drivers can earn $80,000+ yearly! Drivers can be home as often as every two weeks in many locations.

Road Warrior Driver: Option 2

Start at 65 CPM and guarantee a minimum of $1,625 and can earn $2,000+ on top weeks! A road warrior is someone who can travel for two months or 8 weeks at a time before returning home for ten days. Given that we have many miles, several of our Road Warrior Drivers drive even longer. We can hire drivers nationally because we provide free round-trip flights for drivers who live outside of our typical hiring area to return home for their downtime. Most truckers (or “Road Warriors,” as we call them) can earn $90,000+ per year. Road Warriors testify that these benefits keep them happy and healthy so they can continue to work.

All OTR drivers receive fantastic benefits, including great health, life, vision, and dental insurance with a choice of plans, in addition to fantastic salary. The benefits of safety, clean inspection, and referral bonuses are also yours. Having trouble making it to orientation? We’ll fly you to Sioux City, Nebraska for your orientation.

Learn more about truck driver jobs and home time for OTR truck drivers by contacting K&B Transportation. Call 800-549-7599 or apply online to start your truck driving journey today.

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