Our Drivers Discuss Their K&B Trucking Experience


Who better to tell you about the K&B trucking experience than our seasoned truck drivers? We’ve interviewed multiple K&B drivers to help you see behind the wheel of day-to-day experiences. All the drivers included in this post have driven for K&B between 5 and 15 years. Overall, the drivers will discuss culture, communication, equipment, and pay at K&B.

K&B is a Family

Our truck drivers, our dispatchers, and our admin are all family at K&B! “It’s truly like a family here,” said Tim, with 6 years at K&B, “what you get out of it, is what you put into it.” As family should, K&B treats you like a person, and not a truck number. Tim continues that “if you’re looking for a place that, ya know if you’re tired of being a truck number somewhere and you want to be a person, come work here!”

Tim also mentions during his trucking experience “as a truck driver, [K&B is] a better place to work. When someone actually cares about the truck driver, not the money they can make off of the truck driver, but the actual truck driver, they care about his health, his well-being, and his family. Why would you not want to come work here?” Tom of 15 years adds on to that, “If you’ve got problems, they’re going to work with you. If you’re not feeling good, they’re going to work with you.”

Another seasoned driver, Ron, had jumped around from job to job trying to find the right fit, and finally, he became a part of the K&B family. Ron said, “I had over 19 over-the-road jobs in my first 11 years of trucking. One thing would lead to another and I was always looking for another job. Sean, from recruiting, called me and I talked to him for a good long while on the phone. I came up here. Sean brought me up and hired me. And, I’ve been here ever since.”

Ron goes on to say, “During home time, I was diagnosed with cancer that I had to get removed. I was walking through the shop, and Brock (VP), he’s one of the owners, walked up to me and asked me about my surgery. It just floored me that he knew about it. And, he told me to come back and he’d give me a brand new truck and he did!” Ron has driven for K&B for almost 11 years now.

Dispatcher Communication

Similar to our seasoned truck drivers, we also have dispatchers who have worked with K&B for quite some time. Our truck drivers speak very highly of their dispatchers and have built a relationship with them. Larry, who has been driving for K&B for about 6 years, said “Your dispatcher, he knows who you are. He’s got your name down. He knows what you like to do. And, you have a relationship with them. You’re not just a truck number.”

Ron has similar things to say about his dispatcher, “I have the same dispatcher that I hired on with 11 years ago. He and I are friends, and we get things done.”

Honesty is also important for your relationship with your dispatcher! Bruce mentioned that he really trusts his dispatcher. “I’ve had Matt as my dispatcher now for probably eight years. What he said he means, you know, you can count on what he said. He’s not going to lie to you.”


As we mentioned before, you’re family at K&B and that means that we take care of our drivers out on the road. Larry said, “They take care of their equipment. If you call it in, regardless they’ll have it fixed.” And, Bruce said, “You call them and you tell them, I got a flat tire, they’re going to tell you, okay, we’ll have that taken care of and they will send somebody out to you to get it taken care of.”

Prentice raves about the same OTR service. “When you’re out on the road, and you have somebody 24 hours, ready to take your truck if you’re missing a mud flap, tire go out or something like that and they always have a lot of places all over America to be able to quickly get you in, get you taken care of so you can get back on the road and not get a flag with the DOT.”

kb equipment - trucking experience

The most exciting part about K&B equipment is that our rigs are 2020 and Newer Freightliner Cascadias. Bruce said, “I like K&B because of the equipment. You have newer equipment, you know, the trailers are good, you don’t have to worry about what kind of tires you’re going to have on your trailer.”

Pay & Benefits

Lastly, but definitely most importantly, pay and benefits. Hear what our drivers had to say about the pay at K&B:

  • “The money is always good here.” -Tom
  • “K&B provides probably one of the best pay structures that you’re going to find in the industry.” -Nate
  • “You can make a really good living here. Guaranteed paycheck. The health benefits are great.” -Tim


Ron said, “I’m at top pay, and I’ve been here long enough I get 3 weeks of paid vacation. My payroll is there every week, it’s right, every week. I can honestly tell you, in 11 years, if I have asked K&B for anything, 9 times out of 10, I got it.

Pay is great, but consistency is key! Prentice said, “At K&B, they’ve shown me over time and over the years that they are very consistent on how they pay. And, they’re a company that does what they say they’re going to do as far as paying. In this climate, especially now, a company that is going to be consistent as far as your workload –some companies go up and down depending on what they carry– but, because of K&B and the type of products they carry, they are very consistent throughout the whole year. This is a place where you would want to be as far as consistency, as far as having a type of company where you don’t have to worry about what your pay is going to look like from week to week.”

If you’d like to watch our driver testimonials and learn more about the K&B trucking experience, check out our YouTube page!

We hope this gave you some good insight into what it’s like to drive for K&B and we hope you can tell how much we care about our truck drivers. Our recruiters can answer any questions or concerns you have by calling 866-340-0703. Or, start your application now. We’d love for you to join the K&B family.

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