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The trucking industry is one of the most essential parts of the U.S. economy. Without the businesses like K&B Transportation, the country would be unable to function. So, it’s imperative that OTR truckers deliver goods across the United States. While being a long hauler isn’t for everyone, there are many OTR driver benefits. With K&B, you’ll have steady job security, amazing pay and benefits, and you get to travel and see America’s beautiful countryside.

Job Security with K&B

Most freight in the United States is transported by truck. A career as an over-the-road driver is in high demand, and K&B Transportation needs you on our team! K&B was founded in 1987 by Ken Ackerman in Sioux City, NE. It was a small operation of 25 tractors and 85 meat rail trailers responsible for hauling carcass meat from the IBP kill plants to the IBP processing plants. Today, K&B Transportation has grown its operation to include over 2,000 pieces of equipment and opened new lanes of travel. Your mind can be at ease if you join our team!

Amazing Pay & Benefits

Now, you only need 1 year of experience to start as an OTR driver for K&B Transportation! We have two pay options depending on your home-time needs. Our drivers choose to start at 60 CPM or 65 CPM, with bonuses, or our 65 CPM drivers can earn up to 70 CPM.  Drivers are guaranteed a minimum of 2,500 miles per week for both options!

Traditional OTR Driver Benefits: Option 1

Start at 60 CPM with 1 CPM raises at 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and 4 years. Drivers are guaranteed $1,500 per week minimum but can earn up to $1,800 on top weeks! Our senior drivers are guaranteed $1,600 per week minimum! With our top miles, more drivers can earn $75,000-$80,000 yearly if not more for top drivers!  Drivers can be home as often as every two weeks in many locations.

Road Warrior Driver Benefits: Option 2

Start at 65 CPM but earn up to 70 CPM with a $1,625 minimum guarantee! To be a road warrior, you must be willing to stay out on the road for 2 months at a time and then go home for ten days. A lot of our Road Warrior Drivers stay out even longer as we have plenty of miles. Drivers living outside our traditional hiring area get a free round-trip flight back and forth to home for their home time allowing us to hire nationwide! Drivers on this option make $85,000-$90,000 yearly if not more for top drivers!  Earn up to $2,000 on top weeks.

In addition to amazing pay, all OTR Drivers enjoy awesome benefits such as excellent health, life, vision, and dental Insurance with your choice of plans. You’ll also enjoy safety, clean inspection, and referral bonuses. Worried about getting to orientation? We’ll fly you to your orientation in Sioux City, NE. To top it off, learn more about our rigs (2020 and Newer Freightliner Cascadias) that you’ll love on our equipment page.

Travel the Countryside

The last and possibly most exciting benefit is you get paid to travel and see the USA. You’ll meet lots of new and interesting people and breath in the clean Midwest air.

If this sounds like the perfect gig for you and you have a Class A CDL with 1 year of OTR experience, get the top-paying job you want! 

Call now at (866) 340-0703 or use our contact form and we’ll call you.

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